Leading manufacturer of quality chimneys and stacks

Skandinavisk Skorstens Montage – SSM – was founded in 1983 and is now a division of the Danish company

JJS ( Jysk Skorstensservice A/S) group.  SSM manufactures high quality chimneys and industrial steel stacks. SSM deliveres mainly to the European market and the stacks are primarily used by district heating plants, power plants, industrial plants as well as food production plants, ect

SSM is specialized in engineering, construction, manufacturing and on-site erection of steel stacks and exhaust systems. The product concept is modulized, meaning that the customer can select the product elements that will fit best into their application and business.

We design integrated product concepts for exhaust systems, including all elements ranging from the stack to the boiler. These consist of steel stack, exhaust silencer, steel structure, dampers at the stack, expansion joints, fluegas pipes,  as well as on-side erection.

Our products are subject to strict international standards such as Eurocodes DS/EN 1090-01 and 02 as well as other standards ect EN 13084.

SSM A/S is a privately owned and financially healthy company, providing high quality products and services, customized solutions and within a short lead time. We are trained to provide integrated solutions that will help our customers achieve their goals.

SSM sold to Jysk Skorstens Services

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