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The history of SSM began back in the beginning of the 1900s when Osvald Petersen started a brick building business and soon became a specialist in stack building with bricks. This fitted perfectly into John A. Henriksens brick buildning business, and so, the two businesses merged in 1975. The third company in SSM was P.A. Pedersen, which John A. Henriksen acquired some years later.

Over the years and since 1983, when SSM was founded, the new company quickly began to expand its knowledge of thermal conditions of exhaust gasses, stack dimensioning and stack building.


1903: The brick building business, Osvald Petersen & Søn, is founded.

1975: John A. Henriksens acquires Osvald Petersen.

1978: John A. Henriksens acquires P. A. Pedersen.

1983: SSM is founded.

1979: John A. Henriksen starts producing steel chimneys.

2000: Kecon A/S is founded

Kecon year 2000

2011: Kecon A/S acquires SSM A/S.

2017:Enlargement of productionfacilities for big steelstacks



SSM sold to Jysk Skorstens Services

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