Exhaust silencers for Freestanding Steel stack concept

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A steel stack do not create any noise itself, but it transports the sound pressure from the combustion unit ect.

Before an exhaust silencer can be designed and it`s effectiveness calculated - measurements of the sound pressure ( dB / Hz ) from the boiler/combustion unit is needed. Also measurements of the background sound pressure from the boiler house or production plant will influence on the percepted noise level.

When these data are available we design the exhaust silencer according to the max sound pressure permitted by the customer and the authorities.

The methods for measurements of the sound pressure – are defined in actual norms – and will most often be done at the top of the stack - 1 M from the stack top at a angle of 45 degrees.
The exhaust silencers for SSM standard steel stack concept, are either designed for the exhaust pipe system or as an integrated part in a steel stack. We design circular or squared shaped silencer housing, with removable baffles for either wet or dry flue gas for process gas with high humidity.


Horizontal Exhaust Silencers at Værløse heat plant.

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