SSM Standard Freestanding Steel stack - turbine design

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SSM standard CE labeled self supporting steel stack – turbine design. This free standing  double walled stack design  for high temperature  gasses and high volume mass flow  from turbines,  is sectional builded, with a  insulated inner liner with expansion hoots and convergent parts at the top for all kinds of applications for exhaust solutions at power plants, heating plants, refineries, industrial plants etc with exhaust gas temperatures up to app. 500 Degree C.

Complete high temperature exhaust steel stack -CE labeled, with a diameter up to 5 app. M with different shapes and types  of service platforms, CEMS platforms, inspection platforms as an integrated design of the steel stack concept.

The stack`s maximum temperature permitted when interfacing the foundation is 80 Degree C

The SSM  freestanding steel stack design for turbines , can be designed with  build in exhaust silencer in the 2rd stack section,  insulation with steel wire of the inner liner, drain system, safety leiter inside or outside –  lightning rods, inlet ducting though the structural shell approx. 400 mm outside the shell with welding ends if nothing else has been agreed. Emission nozzles, anchor bolts / crowns, corrosion treatment as agreed or up to C5 High.

With this stack concept it is easy to adjust it to individual customer needs.

For example this freestanding exhaust steel stack,  can easily be adapted into a single walled free standing exhaust pipe with insulation and cladding.  Special requirements for the foundation will be needed.

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