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90M stack with new GRP fuse for Longyearbyen in Norway

90M stack with new GRP fuse for Longyearbyen in Norway Longyearbyen Power Station - on the northern side of the Polarcirkel in Norway – decided to improve the emission and to add a new fume gas treatment installation. This flue gas cleaning installation causes a drop in the temperature of the fume from 160 Dgr C to appx 5 – 10 Dgr C and consequently a new innerliner was necessary. This new GRP inner liner was installed inside one of the 2 existing steel fuses.

The choice of material and design was done in order to be resistance of the equipment to the corrosive environment given by the fumes without any interventions.

The scope of supply was designing, engineering, supply and erection of this new 1000 mm innerliner in GRP, with new bottom steel support, fixing and guiding structure in the existing 90 M concrete stack - at Longyarbyen Power station.

The job was done in close corporation with Scancomposit Denmark and DST
-Dansk Skorstens Teknik.

The tender was managed by LAB S.A. France.


Purenviro as – who is experts in Odour and air pollution – will be new agent for SSM(Kecon A/S) activities in Norway.

Purenviro is a fast growing company providing solutions for minimizing environmental impacts.

All norwegian enquiries for SSM steel stacks, exhaust silencers, ect will in the future go though Purenviro as after which

SSM (Kecon AS) will quote directly to the customers.