SSM Newsletter

Replacement of 2 pieces of 35 Meters steel stacks with a diameter of 3,6 Meters at Lahalls Kraftwerk

Lahall Kraftverk is a swedish peak- and reserve load power plant with 4 independent
production units each with 2 pcs. of Rolls Royce Gasturbines connected to 2 big jet engines. Each production unit produce electricity and has a capacity of 60 MW .

SSM(Kecon A/S) delivered a complete package of design, manufacturing and mounting of complete steel stacks with build in exhaust silencer, expansion joints and 90
degree transmission pipe together with demounting of the worn out stacks.

The new stacks were designed for a exhaust gas temperature of 420 degrees C. The Shell material was S235 with C5 surface treatment and inner liners of 316TI.


Demounting of old corten stack.

Erection of new steel stack and
90 degree steel bending.


LEAN project at SSM
(Kecon A/S)

In 2015 has SSM(Kecon A/S)worked
with implementation of different
LEAN tools in the production areas.
The target has been to create
overview by systemizing the working procedures and improvement of the preparation for production.
When we got the neccesarry overview we also got a better production planning. The changes havealready given significant results both on the productivity and on the internal lead times for each manufacturing process. This means that our competiveness is improved and our reaction time is reduced.

In basic it is simple – is is about people and how we work together. It is about communication and we percept messages.