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The floating ventilation stack

The target for the new 30 M steel stack was to minimize the nuisance odour from the new modernized sewage treatment plant inside the rock at Odderøya in Kristiansand.

But is it not a ordinary steel stack when you look at it - at distance it should ,so to say, be perceive as a floating stack. Therefore is the lower part of the corten stack covered with stainless steel plates as smooth as a mirror.

In order to maintain the smooth surface of the stainless steel plates a special drain system is developed mounted between the corten stack outer shell and the stainless steel plates.


New steel pipes for sewage water at Biofos ( lynetten ) in Copenhagen.

Biofos is the biggest sewage treatment plants in Denmark. It is treating sewage water from 1,2 mio inhabitants from Copenhagen. Lynetten is one of 3 plants at Biofos.

The plant is now being modernized to handle higher water capacities in a more effectice way.

The new steelpipes are made of 10 mm stainless steel AISI316.

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