Product Concept

Leading manufacturer of quality steel chimneys

Our mission is to design and manufacture steelstacks which reduce nuisances related to exhaust flue and process gases with a particular focus on noise reduction and easy access to the exhaust system with limited space.

In order to do this, we are offering a complete solution for handling exhaust gases. Our product packages consist of all elements ranging from the steelstacks to the boiler or burner, e.g. heavy duty flue gas fans, steel stack, exhaust-silencers etc.

The idea is to customize each product package to the customers' individual needs. This is why it is important for SSM to have an optimal and direct dialogue with all relevant contacts in a given project.

You are not only buying physical products from SSM – you also have direct access to advice and guidance concerning technical sound and air issues.

Product concept

International certifications

Our QC system ensures that all SSM products meet the highest quality standards. We are certified in accordance with DS/EN 3834-2, EN 1090-1 as well as ISO 90001/2008.

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