SSM Product line 2

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SSM is a leading manufacturer of chimneys for district heating plants, power plants and industrial stacks

This product line consists of free-standing stacks for turbines, with a built-in silicenser in the 2nd stack section that can withstand temperatures of approx. 550 °C for high temperature flue gas.

This standard version is a sectional flanged steel stack – shell in Corten or S235 painted – with a diameter up to 5 m. Exhaust pipe for flue gas SS 4541 or similar.
For this product line, there is a limit of approx. 400,000 m3/H at 25 m/sec with 1 partly inner liner.

For this product line, we will typically use EN Eurocodes to define all the basics of the structural design, load on the structure and structural calculations.

Safety assessment

We use the safety assessment procedure described in EN 1990 Eurocode 0 – Basis of structural design.

Recommended partial safety factors and load combinations will be applied.

Unless the customer references otherwise, e.g. a national annex to Eurocodes - in this case, the customer must specify the procedure.

Wind loads: EN 1991-1-4
Snow loads: EN 1991-1-3

EN 1998-1: Design of structures for earthquake resistance – Part 1: General rules, seismic actions and rules for buildings.

EN 13084-1: Free standing chimneys – General requirements.

EN 1993-3-2: Security class – if nothing is specificed, we will always use EXC 2.

EN ISO 14122-1,2,3 and 4: Working platforms and walkways.

Manufacturing tolerances as according to ISO 13920 class A/A/F.

SSM product line 2

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