New slimline steel stack at Novozymes Bagsværd

70 M steel stack with a diameter of 2,5M with 2 innerliners of AISI316L for process gas. More

50 M new steel stack at Værløse heating plant

Demolition of old 50M brik chimney with steel innerliner - casting of new concrete foundation. More

35 M steel stack at Biomar Karmøy Norway

New 35 M steel stack with a diameter of 2600 mm surface treatment C5 High. More

35M exhaust stacks at Arendal powerplant

Demolition of 2 old corten steel stacks and erection of 2 new stainless steel stacks with a diameter of 3,9M More

Sewage water pipes at Lynetten in Copenhagen

12 M new sewage water pipes at a diameter of 1400/1800 mm for BIOFOS A/S New Waste Water plant at Lynetten in Copenhagen


55 M steel stack with GRF innerliner at Grenå heating plant


New 62M corten steel shell with AISI316 innerliner at AAK in Karlshamn.


35M steel stacks at Lahall Kraftverk

Lahall Kraftverk is a Swedish peak and reserve load powerplant with 4 independed production units More
Steelchimney, Asgaard II project - SSM

Steel chimney, Asgaard II project

117 meter industrial chimney for fish feed plant in Norway



Steel chimneys for upgrade systems for BIOGAS. SSM (JSS) has delivered three 15 chimneys to DONG`s upgrading plants for biogas in Bogense, Ringe and Gistrup through Malmberg in Malmö. More

Longyearbyen Energiverk Norway

The Chimney at Longyarbyen Energiverk consists of a 90 M reinforced concrete windshield with 2 independent steel flue liners within its annular space. More

AB Fortum Värme – Orminge Sweden

Dismounting and demolition of existing 65 M Corten steel stack, inspection of existing foundation and design, manufacturing and erection of new steel stack with 3 innerliners for exhaust gas from 2 for oil boilers and 1 for pellets boiler..

CTR Peak load Plant at Gladsaxe Denmark

CTR Peak load Plant at Gladsaxe Denmark

Design, manufacturing and erection of 2 new 36 M steel stacks for exhaust fluegas at CTR.
Steel shell in S235 painted C4 with innerliners of stainless steel acid proof SISI 316L.

Industrial steel chimney Novozymes - SSM

Steel chimney, Novozymes

50 m industrial chimney for biofuel plant in Denmark.

Cofely, La SoCieté de distribution de chaleur, Orleans, France

Cofely, La SoCieté de distribution de chaleur, Orleans, France

38 m steel chimney.


Novo Nordic A/S New Exhaust stacks



Steel structures and 4 New GRP innerliners for new concrete stack. More

Norfors Hørsholm

Replacement and removal of 2 pc of 100 M insulated corten innerliners in existing stack More

DTU Danish Technical University

Manufacturing and mounting of 10 pc of Ø2,5 M steel shell`s for shielding of HVAC ventilation pipes. More

Odderøya in Kristiansand

Ventilation stack for new purification plant at Odderøya in Kristiansand. More

Novozymes in Hillerød – New steel stack


26 M steel stack for Elverum



35M High Steelstack with 3 innerliners of Cortenand Air craft warning lights - LED version. The stack is a part of a new bio-boilerplant at BE Varme AS in Bodø in Norway More
Vestforbrændingen in Copenhagen

Vestforbrændingen in Copenhagen

Renovation project – gangways and ventilation shells More